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We are a young team of enthusiasts and are waiting for you to join our events. We are organizing spatial research, workshops, lectures and other space-related events in Budapest, Volgograd and other cities. Thus, we will tell you about SPACE. Interestingly and a lot. Stay tuned...


01 April 2020, Volgograd


We are heartily grateful for such impressive cooperation and productive work with our guests during the workshop. Now we are evaluating the results, which become a part of our spatial research and future practices. We are happy to share with you the reporting photos and wishing to see everybody in our future events. Thank you very much! To all participants!

                              More photo here:



25 March, 18.00-21.00, LOFT 1890, Volgograd


Interactive immersion in space. We propose you to take an experiment on yourself and think over different forms of space and its influence on your emotions.

Look around. Which space is surrounding you? It is positive or anything is disturbing you there? Is it encouraging you to act or killing any initiative?

Such features of space we will discuss, feel and work through in different creative techniques. It’s an experiment about SPACE and human EMOTIONS.


Age of participants: from 14 years old. Participation is free. Number of participants is limited.

              Registration required here:

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