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Exhibition of urban photo projects


22 JULY - 31 AUGUST 2021

22 JULY, 18.00, LOFT 1890

Exposition of works from the international competition
Immersive spatial experience
Winner's reward ceremony



The exhibition of urban projects "Spaces of Potential" presents the works of the participants from the international competition, taking place in Volgograd in 2021. Photos and ideas for transforming the found spaces were suggested by the residents of the city and presented by the project team through the research in the format of emotional spatial immersion. The exhibition gives a figurative and at the same time a comprehensive understanding of the spatial structure of Volgograd, its undeveloped white spots, and the necessary transformations. The interactive nature of the exposition engages the audience in a dialogue with local residents and international experts. Each visitor will be able to feel the space of Volgograd and make their own contribution to its development.

The exhibition was prepared by the Autonomous non-profit organization of social orientation in the field of architectural education "KEKA - space and culture", with the support of the general partner of the Cappuccino network, as well as the Volgograd administration, universities, socially active business, international and local public organizations.

Entry is free.

Address: Loft 1890, 10th division of the NKVD st., 5A, Volgograd

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